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In a tough Real Estate category with cluttered developers, sellers and resellers we were tasked to pivot the image and position of a large acclaimed Broker Rioga Premium. Not only were we asked to generate leads for our client but also to magnify their credibility and range them higher in perception.


We create a four pronged approach involving Lead developers, building a consumer pathway-touch point map, Ad Platform strategy and a fresh ‘Non Real estate Storytelling’. We created outcomes, that drove the consume desire. Each unit was locally targeted and insights-driven keywords used across the campaign period. It was a 360 offering with brand building and website, social influence, seo and digital performance ads working in tandem.


We have generated 200+ leads in just 2 weeks for most residential project launches

What they have to say

Fruture Studio has done a fabulous job understanding and unfolding Rioga’s brand aspirations. Our partner throughout the years, Fruture has been instrumental in creating digital inspirations for us and our project associations. The experience of growth and performance marketing has been symbiotic.
Amit Rajpal,
Cofounder & Principal Director - Rioga Premium Advisory LLP


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