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Very few things in the world are more powerful than a positive push. We keep pushing ahead, moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things because we're curious. 

Fruture Studio
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Meta Skill of the 21st century Curiosity

An essential design thinking competency, curiosity means the ability and habit to apply a sense of wonder and a desire to learn more. Curious people try new things, ask questions, search for answers, relish new information, and make connections, all while actively experiencing and making sense of the world.



Branding, Community Expansions  & Digital Growth for Y Combinator Backed Insuretch Startup


Rebranding, Community Building & Social Growth for B2B Technology Products in India & UAE


15,000+ Digital Visitors at KrishnaFest by ISKCON


Brand Collaterals & Website for #1 Bitumen & Manufacturing Company in India


Brand Education, Brand Recall & Product penetration through community building for an indegenous A2 Milk retail brand.

Our Case Studies

IC Digital
Designing  a B2B Playbook
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Agami Tech
Strengthening industry ownership through rebranding and content marketing
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Rioga Premium
Build credibility and market ownership
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Building a new Future for a Spiritual Organisation
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Agarwal Group
Modernise a B2B Market Leader Brand
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Wellness Tribe
Redefine Wellness to reclaim market space ownership
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To establish a meaningful purpose for the brand, we are working with

Content marketing strategy


To enrich and enhance brand communication and connect

These are the cornerstones of Fruture ethos.
We interchangeably use the medium as a method and vice versa, to achieve the intent and create an impact, over time.

Pitch deck
Brand Building
Website Design
Email Marketing
Brochure Design
Digital Storytelling
Content Marketing
Social Media Strategy
Communication Literature
Other Advertising Collaterals

Ride the wave

Brand Building

It is the communication and creation of customer value. We help establish, promote and position the brand in its unique category or segment. This helps improve brand awareness, generate brand recall and encourage brand opinion for its TG.

  • Research and Identify Brand TG
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Messaging
  • Logo and Tagline
  • Website Design

Community Collective

Social media community management by which the business engages with its audience on social media. We execute strategies to grow and engage any given audience within the brand's owned social space to attract potential customers and create conversions.

  • Identify target audience
  • Create a clear brand voice
  • Manage multiple platforms
  • Produce high-quality content
  • Offer new ways to deliver true value
  • Stay consistent to boost engagement


We strategise to grow your brand recognition, facilitate the promotion, and boost revenue with and by multiple means. With an outreach campaign we identify the influencers of the brand target market, contact them and encourage them to promote the brand, its services or its product.

  • Personalise content
  • Organic and Inorganic growth
  • Encourage meaningful collaborations
Clients We Have Worked With

What Our Clients Have to Say

We connected over a coffee with Team Fruture but instantly hit it off during our discovery call. Starting with the community brand name and its ideation, everything literally fell into place. With a lot of energy, a lot of love and heaps of passion, The Wellness Tribe, finally came into being, one idea after another, one design after another. Kudos to the team for being so actively involved, for patiently participating with us in our iterations and creatively delivering the final outcome. It's gotta be, Froo-chuh!!! 

Mohit Sahni

Co-Founder Director Power8
Mumbai, India

We are in the business of equal opportunity for all. Team Fruture actually summed up our motto for us, ‘Diversity Drives Inclusion’. Creating a culture of inclusion is easier said than done, and even more difficult to project via a website. Although Fruture has done a fine job with experiential design, adaptive content layout and attention to minor details like colour contrast and letter sharpness across the digital interface. We are greatly pleased and continue to work with Fruture Studio on ongoing requirements. 

Kiran Kundnani

Founder Director CALDS
Brisbane, Australia

We have had the pleasure of working with Fruture Studio for the past two years. Their understanding of B2B technology domain knowledge and marketing tools has been unmatched. Their marketing strategies and execution on LinkedIn marketing, webinars, lead generation, SEO, and community building have contributed significantly to our growth. Fruture Studio is more than just a partner, they are an extension of our team, and we are grateful for their support.

Pranav Kumar

ICD Technologies, UAE

Fruture studio folks are one of the best branding agencies I have worked with. It's amazing to know how these folks adjust to each requirement and are really patient with feedback.

My Personal experience is that they go out of their way to ensure your requirements are met.

Nikhil Hiranandani

Chief Operations Officer,

Partners in crime

We approach everyday things with curiosity and savour them. They help.
Webflow design
& we keep building Fruture Playbooks to achieve more with less hassle

Use it or loose it

If you have the curious gene, better put it to use with us.
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