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For ISKCON, we were asked to conceptualise a campaign that aimed to inspire a disconnected, unassociated youth, and reignite their connection and immerse into the teachings of ISKCON.


The mandate came to us in the middle of the Covid Pandemic. Our lives had taken an upside turn. When our team spoke to the youth we realised they were looking at assistance from the world in a different, unexpected way. They were subtly seeking to connect on sublime ways that created inner awe. Our strategy was to focus on 'inspirations' and created different pieces of content from inspiring stories from Bhagavad Gita to Yoga stories from Monk Leader. We created a Website that acted as a convergence to three inspirational flows: Inner thoughts, Teachings and the state of Wellbeing.


In just 8 months we grew the Instagram followers by 200K. The share of voice of monk leader as mentioned by Social Chatter increase 3 times establishing him as a thought leader that the young could relate to. Our efforts also increased the donation fund for ISKCON by 25%

What they have to say

We had a dream goal and a rough idea of our talking points but the Team at Fruture Studios crafted a creative interpretation above and beyond our expectations. They streamlined the content calendar giving a place for everything and putting everything in place. The same conversation was carried across our website and the print collateral. We are extremely happy with the print creatives, especially the 3-fold brochure, because of the deep thought and storytelling behind the otherwise colourful pamphlet which now acts as an invite, tickling one’s referential imagery of Krishna’s pastimes.
Sri Gaur Charan Prabhuji,
IT/Media/HR/Estate - ISKCON GEV, Palghar Wada


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