Redefine Wellness to reclaim market space ownership




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A corporate wellness and events company Power8 was facing a tough task to get employees to associate with their employers wellness efforts. With multiple corporations trying to make wellness as their core theme, Power8 wanted to create market space ownership by building a community. Our challenge was to build a welcoming community and help Power8 dominate the space.


Our idea was built using a powerful insight we unearthed. Employees feel overwhelmed with the decibel of "well being" promoted messages around them and questioned their motive. We knew there was need to mellow the tone and reassess the meaning of wellness in the employees minds. A new realisation was needed almost like an awakening and we this by making the HR managers lead. We created a "Wellness world" which was built on rational health and community spread of emotions and ideas. Our idea was like a "Wellness TED talk" coupled with a carnival with joyous outcomes.


A new IP was created which became one of the pillars of the brand. The brands credibility and association with wellness saw improvement across all parameters like brand favorability and intent to collaborate. Power8 got 20 new B2B enquiries in the 3 months post our effort.

What they have to say

We connected over a coffee with Team Fruture but instantly hit it off during our discovery call. Starting with the community brand name and its ideation, everything literally fell into place. With a lot of energy, a lot of love and heaps of passion, The Wellness Tribe, finally came into being, one idea after another, one design after another. Kudos to the team for being so actively involved, for patiently participating with us in our iterations and creatively delivering the final outcome. It's gotta be, Froo-chuh!!!
Mohit Sahni,
Co-Founder Director Power8


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